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Censorship: Over-Protective or just a Nice Thought

See No Evil?

People have, can, and will continue to always proclaim that censorship is just blinding the public from the truth. I am constantly on the fence in some way about every single controversial topic almost, which is why I have a problem with censorship and at the same time I do not. It seems a little over-protective and suspicious, does it not?

On one side, my need to know everything, ask too many questions side, I deem it completely absurd to censor anything. However, then there’s my more rational side (hey I didn’t say my sides were split straight down the line even) where I know somethings are just not appropriate. My main issue with deciding whether or not censorship is a good thing comes down to art.

The world is filled with art. So trying to censor the world? Nawwwwt Happening! There are many kinds of art but we’ll start with the more classical side, such as the censorship certain people put about by chipping off certain parts on male sculptures…it just seems silly…nowadays. But now, the things that get censored such as raunchy lyrics with explicit lyrics make sense to me, as much as I hate the bleeping out on radio/television if I had children I know for certain I wouldn’t want them to hear most of Eminem’s amazing stuff, as much as I love it.

In the current day we’re faced with a bigger problem, the internet. Is it even possible to censor the internet (unless you’re the GOVERNMENT- woot for consiracy theories!)? I just can’t see that happening…Censorship seems to be an endangered process.