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I feel like I’m back in elementary school after summer vacation, writing about my experiences and if I learned anything from them.

Summer is not one of my favourite seasons, it is sticky, hot but for the most part it is boring. I’m one of those people who just get bored easy I guess, while most people were excited to have months off school and, maybe, work I was dreading the fact that I would have to find something to do to entertain myself on the days I wasn’t working. And I’m part-time so there was a lot of time to fill.

If I was writing this in the form of an elementary school journal it would probably read something like:

On my summer vacation:

I did almost nothing. Until the week before school started when I went on the annual family vacation. The family vacation has turned into just my dad, my brother and I, since my mother has responsibilities as a farmer, especially during the birthing season. We go up north, to Muskoka, and basically rent a cottage at a resort on the Lake of Bays. My dad spends most of his waking hours down on “his terrace” sunning, sometimes even when it is threatening to thunderstorm, my brother goes tubing and hangs out with kids his age, but where does that leave me? A 19-year old at a family resort for a week where there are mainly younger children because kids under 12 are free that week. Usually I would take photographs or just float on the lake on a tube basically looking like I died. But not this past year. I didn’t do anything important or exciting or even remotely interesting.

I feel as if I’m in a permanent state of boredom and I am really hoping that this new school year will at the least give me something to talk about.