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Managing Time, Not an Easy Task.

This picture is not my definition of a slacker.

I blame this all on my generation. We were born and grew up in the years of constant change, constant finding of new ways to make things easier for everyone. We do not have to “walk six miles just to go to school”. We do not need to spend hours, maybe even days, in a library researching. The internet is a marvelous, somewhat slacker-ish invention. The thing is, it’s definitely a more so curious slacker invention.

Anyway, once again, I’m rolling onto a different topic. Time to change that up…Hmm. Time. I’ve always had big issues with that.

I am not preaching about time management, that’s a little too hypocritical, even for me. I’m the kid who had “Jennifer is a bright young individual who has plenty of potential, however, she just needs to manage her time better”. I have remained to be that kid for the better part of my 18 years. Unfortunately for my parents.

With the experiences I’ve had I don’t believe whatsoever that time management is a teachable trait. I believe that it is only the strength and willing of the individual themself that will allow them to be time-friendly. I am in dire need of willing because, as a perfect example, this post is a lot later than it was scheduled to be.