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Curse of the Unfinished

One of my biggest problems for quite a while  now is finishing things, I start off enjoying doing something and then either got bored with it or found something new. When I was a kid I probably started a billion different craft projects and how many do I remember completing? Pretty close to none. One or two now and then but compared to the rate I started a new one I failed miserably in completing.

Then came high school and homework…Well, I guess I’m still not good at finishing things.

Even things I really love doing, such as writing I never finish. I’ve started many a story and either didn’t know how to finish or completely started doubting my work. As I go through old files on my computer I begin to realize how truely pathetic my work seems. I can see that there was potential but then as I read further I can see where I start getting frustrated or bored and then where I completely give up. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Check out these unfinished pieces and see what I need to improve on for yourself. It doesn’t matter what I say it’s what you think of me, no?