Poetic (for lack of a better word) Works

What I am not, Courtesy of adamjanson.com Courtesy of 4 Chan

I would never claim to be a poet. I would never even claim to be poetic. These are just a few “poems” I have written, some are just bits that never got finished, some I did for class, some were written during a time in my life that I do not want to repeat again. I just felt like maybe it was time to finally share something with someone, anyone. My favourite is already posted to my main page and that is just because it is the only one I am proud of. Some of these I will give a little introduction to, mainly the ones I did for class, most I won’t.


Those hands.
Those little hands,
That couldn’t hold much,
Other than my heart.
All the life out of me.
Until I can go on no longer.
That soul that holds me,
Controls me,
Is done with this cage of flesh and bone.
No longer a man,
Just a shell.
Finally it releases me,
Trapped for oh so many years.

This short bit was written for the character of Double Dick in Wagamese’s Ragged Company. If you haven’t read this novel, I demand you do. I do not recommend it, I DEMAND it. You are missing out on a great piece of insight more people should have.

Untitled (A title in itself, or more so a statement): A Compilation of Angsty Teen Stuff

Keep it all bottled up
All inside of me
Give me some more
I can take it
This soul
More like a ghost
The world is not my therapist.

Make a wish.
A wish for them to be quiet.
All those voices,
Imagine if they suddenly stopped.
Wanting that sigh of relief,
A clean breath.
One not choking on hatred,
For others.
For yourself.
This seems to be,
The everlasting wish.

There are many more of these, some I will never ever share, even with faceless blog viewers. We’ve all had moments. I had a couple years of that moment. I’m happy to say I haven’t in quite a little while.


Stand here,
Watching the blur of people go by.
Wishing someone would appear,
And just try,
To be an ally.
But they never do.
If only I knew,
How to make them include me,
And then I wold finally able to say “we”.
Finally able to say I was a part of something,
Finally able to say, ” So that party last night…”
Life would alright,
Maybe I’d be in the spotlight.
Whenever I saw the “cool” kids in the halls,
I wouldn’t run in fright,
I could hang out with them,
Maybe in malls.
But that will never happen.
They don’t look at me.
They don’t even see me.
They go out of their way just to avoid me,
I can count the number of people,
Who talk to me,
On one hand,
That includes teachers,
Isn’t that grand?
And so,
Stand here,

This is a poem I wrote for my Writer’s Craft class, we had to choose one of two topics: isolation or alienation. I chose to do mine on alienation in high school. This is somewhat of a fictional poem. Personally, I feel that it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, you can still feel alone.


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