Media Experience

Media Experience: The Experience

Woot for repetition! I sort of feel like this is all I have been discussing for the last three weeks, I’m ready to do something! Let’s talk about something completely different for once. OH WAIT, I’ve already written a title and this crappy intro, might as well keep going right?….

Let’s rewind for a minute.

My experience in the Media program has been a pretty good one so far. I am so happy to inform you, if “you” even exist for me right now, that I do not regret my decision to leave high school whatsoever. While I didn’t mind being at Bayside (no, not the same school as in Saved by the Bell, get new material already), I only really enjoyed it for three years. Grades nine through to eleven were pretty great then I hit grade twelve. I suffered through that, in a bucketful of self-misery, graduated and then what did I decide to do?! Do that crap all again. Yeah “my bad” is a phrase I used quite a bit in the recent past. Then I discovered the Media Experience program at Loyalist, and to my luck, it had a January start! I rashly demanded that my guidance office withdraw me from B.S.S and send my transcript to Loyalist.

Sometimes rash decisions work out for the better, sometimes they don’t. I was lucky, this was my last resort, more so my only resort. It was either Media Experience, or stay at home and serve coffee part-time (which I still do, but what matters is that it is not the only thing I do). Media Experience doesn’t even feel like a last resort to me. Personally I feel that this program has saved my life in some way. I needed to learn what I wanted to do with myself. If this seems like a kiss ass to my teachers or coordinator, it isn’t. It’s just a thank-you.

So, thanks.