Life Skills

Winging It


Do you know how many times that phrase is used? Too many for some reason. This upcoming week has made me realize that I’ve become to reliant on “winging it”. So reliant that I don’t even know what winging it truely means anymore.

Since when do I not prepare for anything when I was taught to be prepared for anything cuz life throws you a crapload of astroids. (Woot space reference). I leave it all to the last minute and get stressed. To de-stress I have started telling myself that you’ll be fine just winging it, when really no I won’t.

The quality I know I can have in my work, in my life just isn’t there. Completely attributed to winging it. While somethings don’t need to be put through the process a billion times over again, everything should be atleast looked at once because there are always areas to improve on.


Curse of the Unfinished

One of my biggest problems for quite a while  now is finishing things, I start off enjoying doing something and then either got bored with it or found something new. When I was a kid I probably started a billion different craft projects and how many do I remember completing? Pretty close to none. One or two now and then but compared to the rate I started a new one I failed miserably in completing.

Then came high school and homework…Well, I guess I’m still not good at finishing things.

Even things I really love doing, such as writing I never finish. I’ve started many a story and either didn’t know how to finish or completely started doubting my work. As I go through old files on my computer I begin to realize how truely pathetic my work seems. I can see that there was potential but then as I read further I can see where I start getting frustrated or bored and then where I completely give up. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Check out these unfinished pieces and see what I need to improve on for yourself. It doesn’t matter what I say it’s what you think of me, no?

Managing Time, Not an Easy Task.

This picture is not my definition of a slacker.

I blame this all on my generation. We were born and grew up in the years of constant change, constant finding of new ways to make things easier for everyone. We do not have to “walk six miles just to go to school”. We do not need to spend hours, maybe even days, in a library researching. The internet is a marvelous, somewhat slacker-ish invention. The thing is, it’s definitely a more so curious slacker invention.

Anyway, once again, I’m rolling onto a different topic. Time to change that up…Hmm. Time. I’ve always had big issues with that.

I am not preaching about time management, that’s a little too hypocritical, even for me. I’m the kid who had “Jennifer is a bright young individual who has plenty of potential, however, she just needs to manage her time better”. I have remained to be that kid for the better part of my 18 years. Unfortunately for my parents.

With the experiences I’ve had I don’t believe whatsoever that time management is a teachable trait. I believe that it is only the strength and willing of the individual themself that will allow them to be time-friendly. I am in dire need of willing because, as a perfect example, this post is a lot later than it was scheduled to be.

The Golden Rule

See it even says SHARE!

I’m not quite sure if I can even recall what the one main Golden Rule was. It has been much too long. Was it “Always say please and thank-you”? Was it “Respect others”? I get the impression it was the latter. However, another “Rule”, maybe not “Golden”, but should be, is sharing, in my opinion.
That word was always forced down our throats and into our ears when I was a child. I just realized that Show ‘n’ Tell managed to get twisted into more of a Share ‘n’ Tell. I have always embraced the sharing aspect, always loved sharing things verbally, I would share things physically if there was more interest in doing so. Not everybody seems to “share” that same ideal though.

Looks like we lost it. Apparently it was just a stage, the share stage. Wow, I’m pretty cool for that phrase. Anyway, it seems to me that the only sharing my generation is currently doing takes place on the web. We share and just keep sharing, even when no one really cares to the point where we update statuses on Facesucker* twice a minute (well maybe not to that extent). Personally, which maybe seems a little wrong coming from a person sharing opinions on a blog, I believe that sharing things on a higher level has somewhat dissipated with the extreme usage of internet connecting.

This thought is depressing, for me anyway. Most others seem A-OK with it but I find it just sad that I need to find out a good friend of mine just got into a highly acclaimed post-secondary school, or that a snowstorm wrecked people’s lives for a few days. Just sad. One hundred percent SAD.

*Facesucker, a term I use to describe Facebook, see earlier post.

A Work in Progress

Just Keep Swimming, Courtesy of the Our Journey blog on WordPress

I am a work in progress.
I will probably always be a work in progress.
I am A-OK with that fact.
It’s better than just being work with no progress. Which is what I thought of myself not too long ago.
Life is a work in progress…OH WOW, how spiritual am I, next thing you know I will require ten minutes every hour to become at one with myself…
Wait, that actually might be a nice idea, not every hour, but to actually be at one with myself? I would love that.
Maybe that can be another work in progress of the work in progress of me.

Have I said “WORK IN PROGRESS” enough times yet for you to get the picture?!

I do not apologize for being a W in P. I do not apologize for not knowing where this is all getting me. I do NOT apologize for rambling on my own blog.

Those who do not admit to being a W in P are either a) in denial, b) oblivious, or c) waaaaaay to perfect for me to even comprehend, they must be on some higher level I will never reach.

To quote an awesome fish, named Dorie, “Just keep swimming”. This will be my mantra for the rest of my life.

Thanks for allowing me to just keep swimming because not too long ago I felt like I was drowning.