Facebook Blabla

The Golden Rule

See it even says SHARE!

I’m not quite sure if I can even recall what the one main Golden Rule was. It has been much too long. Was it “Always say please and thank-you”? Was it “Respect others”? I get the impression it was the latter. However, another “Rule”, maybe not “Golden”, but should be, is sharing, in my opinion.
That word was always forced down our throats and into our ears when I was a child. I just realized that Show ‘n’ Tell managed to get twisted into more of a Share ‘n’ Tell. I have always embraced the sharing aspect, always loved sharing things verbally, I would share things physically if there was more interest in doing so. Not everybody seems to “share” that same ideal though.

Looks like we lost it. Apparently it was just a stage, the share stage. Wow, I’m pretty cool for that phrase. Anyway, it seems to me that the only sharing my generation is currently doing takes place on the web. We share and just keep sharing, even when no one really cares to the point where we update statuses on Facesucker* twice a minute (well maybe not to that extent). Personally, which maybe seems a little wrong coming from a person sharing opinions on a blog, I believe that sharing things on a higher level has somewhat dissipated with the extreme usage of internet connecting.

This thought is depressing, for me anyway. Most others seem A-OK with it but I find it just sad that I need to find out a good friend of mine just got into a highly acclaimed post-secondary school, or that a snowstorm wrecked people’s lives for a few days. Just sad. One hundred percent SAD.

*Facesucker, a term I use to describe Facebook, see earlier post.



Facebook. We all know of it. We all use it. We all love it.

We are also all addicted to it.

Facebook is everywhere, for me anyway. I have it on my cellphone. I have it in my classrooms. I have it at my home. For a person who once completely objected to the idea of social networking media that is a ton of Facebook. I taught my 50-plus mother how to tag her friends in statuses, not to mention how to creep through comments and posts. There is only one person in my life who does not actively talk about Facebook, have a Facebook account, or even consider Facebook as a means of connecting with others. That person is my father. Personally, I consider him the strongest of all of us, more so stubborn than strong, he’d like to be called strong. He will never get a Facebook. Never.

Facebook is my monster addiction. Larger than the deathsticks I choose to inhale daily. That is why I refer to it as FaceSucker. As much as I despise Facebook, I am well aware that, IF used correctly, it has the potential to be a very handy tool.

Big IF. Scratch that. Gargantuan IF. So many people out there don’t seem to realize that what they post on the internet, while they are capable of taking it off their profiles, they are not capable of taking it off completely. The internet is permanent. We have all had those pictures of what society would deem as inappropriate posted up, or those status/comment rants that usually involve vulgar language and, once again, would be considered inappropriate. It is all together just too easy to hit that update button.

Use thought, and consider do you really want your future boss or client to know you got so trashed and passed out on a toilet seat when you were underage. Didn’t think so.