Living in Belleville

Street Shot, Not by PerspectiveMind

Sometimes I don’t mind this place, most times I do. I don’t mean to offend anyone in this post so I will try not to. I just feel like somethings need to be said. There as many upsides as well as downsides to this town in my opinion. I originally moved from Toronto (like the REAL Toronto, not the GTA, thank-you very much) to a small town called Stirling, about a half-hour drive to BelleVegas”. I like many of the people I have met in this area and many of the places I have seen.

Downtown Belleville is one of those place. I love the age of this area, but I wish that it was better taken care of by the city. One of my favourite things to shoot (photographer REMEMBER, not like a duck or a bear or something) are older buildings. The only problem with downtown is that next to a beautiful building will be a scummy alleyway, and while that happens in most cities, I feel like it doesn’t seem to be such a hard problem to fix.

There are many great little stores, restaurants and specialty shops is downtown that you just have to hunt for. It’s sad for me to observe that people would rather be convenient and ignore the hunt, which can actually be fun, to blow all their money in a non-locally owned superstore greedy corporation. I’m becoming a huge hypocrite in this post because yes I do tend to go for the more convenient.

I’ve decided that as a goal for myself this year I would try to support more locally owned places, maybe more people should try that out. Maybe then dowtown wouldn’t be considered as scummy as it is now.


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