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Winging It


Do you know how many times that phrase is used? Too many for some reason. This upcoming week has made me realize that I’ve become to reliant on “winging it”. So reliant that I don’t even know what winging it truely means anymore.

Since when do I not prepare for anything when I was taught to be prepared for anything cuz life throws you a crapload of astroids. (Woot space reference). I leave it all to the last minute and get stressed. To de-stress I have started telling myself that you’ll be fine just winging it, when really no I won’t.

The quality I know I can have in my work, in my life just isn’t there. Completely attributed to winging it. While somethings don’t need to be put through the process a billion times over again, everything should be atleast looked at once because there are always areas to improve on.


Curse of the Unfinished

One of my biggest problems for quite a while  now is finishing things, I start off enjoying doing something and then either got bored with it or found something new. When I was a kid I probably started a billion different craft projects and how many do I remember completing? Pretty close to none. One or two now and then but compared to the rate I started a new one I failed miserably in completing.

Then came high school and homework…Well, I guess I’m still not good at finishing things.

Even things I really love doing, such as writing I never finish. I’ve started many a story and either didn’t know how to finish or completely started doubting my work. As I go through old files on my computer I begin to realize how truely pathetic my work seems. I can see that there was potential but then as I read further I can see where I start getting frustrated or bored and then where I completely give up. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Check out these unfinished pieces and see what I need to improve on for yourself. It doesn’t matter what I say it’s what you think of me, no?

Music is My Soul…For realz?


How many of us hate music? Yeah we can “hate” on certain kinds of music, certain musicians, certain songs, but on music as a whole?

I certainly hope not.

I’ve never heard a single person I have ever known say such an atrocity. Music guides us through our mishaps, our troubles, our thoughts, our boredom, our lives. Music is my ears, my eyes, my ability to touch. Music might be my soul. Nah, not all of it but a fairly nice sized chunk and I mean REALLY nice! I know some people who probably believe I am a class-A n00b when it comes to music and they’d probably be right when it comes to the standards they have.

For me, I just know what I like. I love listening to anything for at least 30 seconds before a) I start liking it or b) the complete opposite. Example: Queen will never ever let me down, nor will The Who. However, country is definitely not my thing. Also while I’d love to love every one of the Beatles songs made, it just isn’t possible with the more psychedelic songs courtesy of Harrison.

It’s not even the music in general that makes my day it’s those damn great lyrics.

So I’ll leave you with this. I feel like these lyrics kind of fit who I am, and what I want to say but “don’t know how”. From the oh so popular Oasis song called Wonderwall:

And all the roads that lead to you were winding
And all the lights that light the way are blinding
There are many things that I would like to say to you
I don’t know how




The Downtown Dirty: An Opinion Vlog

Very first edited video by me EVER! Used i Movie and I hope you don;t mind the very beginner-look to it. I’m pretty proud of myself here! Haha.

Fave Film Reflection, Vlog

Media Experience: Day in the Life Reflection Vlog

Living in Belleville

Street Shot, Not by PerspectiveMind

Sometimes I don’t mind this place, most times I do. I don’t mean to offend anyone in this post so I will try not to. I just feel like somethings need to be said. There as many upsides as well as downsides to this town in my opinion. I originally moved from Toronto (like the REAL Toronto, not the GTA, thank-you very much) to a small town called Stirling, about a half-hour drive to BelleVegas”. I like many of the people I have met in this area and many of the places I have seen.

Downtown Belleville is one of those place. I love the age of this area, but I wish that it was better taken care of by the city. One of my favourite things to shoot (photographer REMEMBER, not like a duck or a bear or something) are older buildings. The only problem with downtown is that next to a beautiful building will be a scummy alleyway, and while that happens in most cities, I feel like it doesn’t seem to be such a hard problem to fix.

There are many great little stores, restaurants and specialty shops is downtown that you just have to hunt for. It’s sad for me to observe that people would rather be convenient and ignore the hunt, which can actually be fun, to blow all their money in a non-locally owned superstore greedy corporation. I’m becoming a huge hypocrite in this post because yes I do tend to go for the more convenient.

I’ve decided that as a goal for myself this year I would try to support more locally owned places, maybe more people should try that out. Maybe then dowtown wouldn’t be considered as scummy as it is now.